why choose us



There are many PU shoe factory in Thailand. What are you looking for? Not only “Quality, Cost and Delivery (QCD)” which are our basic concerns, but also we confidence in the trusty collaborate between factory and customer to make a long run business. These are the technology we used to produce quality products to meet the QCD objectives




Why Choose us?

With in-house bata belt flexing machine, our shoe soles have always maintained standard quality. The standard products have to meet 50,000 CYCLES with no any crack.In practice, If you need more higher standard, please contact us. ( The best quality* that we have done is 100,000 cycles then it initials cracking)

* Depend on design, hardness, temperature



Hardness controlling
How do you feel the softness? Some model needs softer and the other needs harder. We can adjust our formula to meet the hardness of customer specification. However, if you don’t have it, don’t worry! we have a sample of shoe sole hardness, the only thing that we need from you is just choose one.





Giant Automatic Dipping Machine

For serious customer who has amount of order and requires guarantee on well colour and on time delivery, We have a huge automatic dipping machine, large capabilities, it controls all good condition for matt or glossy colour without losing capacities




Automatic spraying machine


We have all both manual and automatic spraying machine. We have 4 colour station to serve a customer who wants a special colour such as two-colour in each pair or low volume demand. On the other hand, a SV-4/G spraying machine from SIREM,italy saves us from highest volume with good quality for customer satisfaction.



Cleaning machine

The nightmare comes to all if customer found colour peeling when finish goods arrive at destination cargo. Thanks to Sirem SL-1, shoe sole Cleaning machine from ITALY, Simple process, but necessary, It surely makes us that all colour stiches on shoe soles without peeling.



Colour assessment

Our products are fashionable, therefore, we concerned on matching colour with the sample of customer. We use a Mark&Spancer colour assesment procedure for role model and the use of special Philips 840 light bulb as standard to compare between sample specimen and our product for colour consistency.

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